Raw Diet

“What’s the best food for my dog?”

That is the most common question we hear. And while there is no one-size-fits-all answer, there is one time-tested diet that does stand out: the raw diet.

For those of us who feed a raw diet, we see the benefits in the overall health of our pets. Shiny coats and healthy skin, a reduction in itching and shedding, better breath and cleaner teeth, healthy digestion, smaller and less stinky stools, brighter eyes, better energy levels, and fewer trips to the vet’s office. Dogs and cats on raw diets just seem to glow from whiskers to tail!

Raw feeding is nothing new. Dogs and cats have been thriving on a raw diet for thousands of years. It is the ancestral diet designed by nature. And while our pets no longer live in the wild, they are still biologically the same as their ancestors. Besides, who would you trust to have developed the best diet for them? A large company, a celebrity chef, or Mother Nature?

Despite the benefits, some veterinarians remain opposed to raw feeding. They may claim that this “radical” diet will make your pet sick with Salmonella. What they fail to mention, however, is that dogs and cats are perfectly designed by nature to consume raw proteins and are extremely resistant to Salmonella infection. Using fresh, human-grade raw diets and practicing common-sense food handling, both you and your pet should do fine.

As with all our foods and treats, our raw diets are of the highest quality and made with only the freshest meat and poultry available. In fact, the ingredients in our raw diets are fresher and more wholesome than most animal protein ingredients in dry or canned pet foods.

From beef and chicken to lamb, duck, rabbit and fish, our raw diets are complete and balanced nutrition for your pet. And depending on the size of your pet, the cost of feeding a quality raw diet can be as little as one dollar a day.

Stop by our store for more information and a free sample of one of our raw diets. It may be the best thing you ever do for your pet.