It is at the core of everything we do at Green Paws Pet Market.

From foods to treats to natural remedies and professional grooming services, our customers trust us to provide the best for their pets.

Make an appointment to have your pet groomed at Green Paws Pet Market, and trust that we only use organic and natural products, free of harsh or potentially harmful chemicals. Trust that our experienced, professional pet stylists treat your furry family member with gentle hands and a loving touch. Trust that your pet gets the one-on-one attention he deserves.


Other groomers book multiple dogs for the same time and then let the dogs sit in a crate until someone can get to them. They do this because their groomers are paid on a per dog basis. The more dogs they churn through, the more they make. That’s great for the groomers but not necessarily for your pet. By overbooking, they have to rush their work, stressing your pet and keeping you waiting all day.

At Green Paws Pet Market, we respect your time. We limit the number of appointments we take and our pet stylists are paid hourly. This ensures your pup gets one-on-one attention in a low-stress atmosphere and a quality groom in a reasonable amount of time. It's what you and your pet deserve.


For nearly a decade, local pet parents have recognized our commitment to helping their pets live happier and healthier. That's why they keep coming back. And it’s why they refer their friends and neighbors to Green Paws Pet Market. It's also why we are a Pet Age Business of the Year Award winner and why we get such great customer reviews.

Personable, caring, thoughtful and helpful! We are repeat customers and will continue to be!
R. Auerbach via Facebook

Fantastic service! They were so friendly and they did a great job on my Wheaten terrier's hair cut. she looked adorable when I picked her up and was happy and relaxed. I will be coming back when it's time for the next haircut. Thank you!
Slonia H. via Yelp

Wonderful people. Super knowledgable and sooooo friendly. They do a great job grooming as well! I honestly love this place....and so does my dog!
Michelle M. via Yelp

Excellent place! Reasonably priced. Knowledgeable. Friendly. What more could you ask for? Support your local small businesses and shop here for your pets!
L. Daughtry via Google

This place is awesome. The groomers are great and the owners are very nice. I used to go to PetSmart and would have to carry my dog just to get him to go inside (should have been a clue right there), but at Green Paws, he goes in willingly and comes out happy. So glad to have found a groomer I can trust. Great store, too - lots of natural treats and food.
Cathy C. via Yelp

Grooming Salon & Spa Services

Organic Bubble Bath

Includes our invigorating, deep-cleaning organic shampoo, ear cleaning, nail trim and smoothing, brush out, and blow dry.

Small Breeds - 30
Medium Breeds - 35
Large Breeds - 65
Giant Breeds - 75

Organic Bubble Bath & Trim

Same services as our Organic Bubble Bath plus styling of the face, feet, and fanny.

Small Breeds - 45
Medium Breeds - 55
Large Breeds - 80
Giant Breeds - 90

Full Service Organic Styling

The whole organic ball of fur! Our Organic Bubble Bath plus complete styling from whiskers to tail.

Small Breeds - 55
Medium Breeds - 65
Large Breeds - 95
Giant Breeds - 120

Organic Salon Upgrade

Make it a special salon day by adding our Organic Salon Upgrade package. Includes a transforming conditioner for a smoother, silkier, healthier looking coat; a deep cleansing, exfoliating blueberry-vanilla facial, an enriched moisturizing nose and pad balm; and a minty-fresh breath foam - 20.

Smooth Operator Shed-Less Treatment

Our stylists remove thick undercoat and dead hair and skin cells from the top coat. Significantly eases shedding, improves circulation, and feels great! (Per 15 minutes)

Small Breeds - 10
Medium Breeds - 20
Large Breeds - 30

Blueberry Vanilla Scrub

Exfoliates and helps remove unsightly stains from eyes, mouth, paws and body.
Face - 5
Face & Body - 10

Specialty Shampoos -5

Choose any of our specialty shampoos: Lavender Whitening, Tea Tree & Aloe Hot Spot, Vanilla & Almond Itch Relief, Fragrance Free Hypo-Allergenic, and Natural Flea & Tick.

Trims & Touch-Ups

Face - Trim ears, bangs and beard - 10
Paws – Trim paws and pads 12
Sanitary – Trim fanny and privates – 15

Ala Carte Salon Options

Soothing Paw and Nose Treatment – 4

Nourish and moisturize rough, dry paw pads and noses with our all-natural pad and nose balm.

Minty Fresh Breath Foam - 3

Spa Pawdicure – 12

Ear Cleaning – 8

Gland Expression – 10

~The fine print: Prices for most services are minimum starting prices. Additional charges may be incurred for scissor cuts, pets with matted or excessively tangled coats, flea or tick removal, aggressive or difficult to handle pets. No additional charges will be made without customer approval prior to services being rendered. We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet or person that is aggressive or mean.